OLD Custom 3-Letter Monograms

Each of our Custom Three-Letter Monograms are artfully created by hand by Weezie or Sally. We love creating these intricate monograms with each unique recipient in mind. Whether you're getting a new name as a bride, need a lasting legacy for a child, or want a unique stationery suite- a Custom Monogram is a piece of art that will last the test of time.
*Our custom Three-Letter Monograms start at $200
Weezie B. Designs | Custom 3 Letter Monograms
If you have a custom monogram created you will receive your monogram in 4 different digital formats that can be used in countless ways! Three-Letter Monograms can be built for an individual or a couple. If we are designing for one person, we'll work with your first, middle and last name initials. If we are creating for a couple, we'll work with the first Initial of each person's name and for the larger individual we will use the couple's last name initial.

We also offer very unique non-custom monograms! If you are looking for our non-custom monograms, click here.

Please contact us for more information or to work with us on your custom monogram!