OLD Laurels, Crests & Greenery

Our Laurels, Crests & Greenery are unique additions to your Monogram. We have a selection of carefully curated Laurels, Crests and Greenery, but we can also create something special for you! It can add a little something extra to your Monogram.
*Our crests start at $25. If you would like a custom crest, the pricing will start at $75. The pricing for crest/laurel/wreath will not include the custom monogram shown with it.
Weezie B. Designs | Custom Laurel & WreathsWeezie B. Designs | Custom Crests
If you create a custom Laurel, Crest or other Greenery, you will receive it in 4 different digital formats that  can be used in countless ways!
These are examples of different styles of our Laurels, Crests & Greenery with some of our Non-custom and Custom Monograms included for example, monograms are not included with Laurels, Crests & Greenery. We also offer very unique non-custom monograms and you can use those with your Laurels, Crests & Greenery! If you are looking for our non-custom monograms, click here.

Please contact us for more information or to work with us on your custom monogram!